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Sneads ferry NC

Sneads Ferry is located in Onslow County, North Carolina, between Jacksonville and Wilmington, and the inlet where the New River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Sneads Ferry, first known as the Lower Ferry, was renamed for Robert Snead, an attorney who settled here in 1791. Robert Snead shot and killed Colonel George W. Mitchell, a Revolutionary War Hero during a political quarrel. He was tried and convicted by a superior court in Wilmington, but when he entered the court for sentencing, he carried a full pardon signed by the Governor.

The mystery surrounding this matter is now obscure, as is most of the early history of Sneads Ferry. However, we do know that the first license to operate a ferry here was granted to Edmund Ennett and that the first post road from Suffolk to Charleston crossed here. The post rider, passing through, brought the news of the battle of Lexington in 1775.

Visitors to Sneads Ferry will find that it has much to offer, whether their stay is but a few hours or for many days. Besides the blue skies, plenty of sunshine, sparkling waters, soft breezes, and friendly people, there are fishing skiffs for rent for fishing and boating in the river and sounds and charter boats with licensed captains for fishing in the ocean. Here, too, are cabins and trailer space and several first-class restaurants where one is served the best seafood in the world and most any other foods you might want.

What is Sneads Ferry? Some would call it a lazy little fishing village, and a very small dot on the map. Some might say it is the fastest-growing little town in North Carolina. To us, the people who love it, it is the best place in all the world. It is Home.

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